$2,399.99 with case

Featuring gorgeous flamed maple on the arched top and back -- as well as flamed maple sides, this beautiful Thinline guitar is comfortable on the couch, and powerful on the stage. Its sleek neck is inlaid with beautiful abalone and shell on the ebony fingerboard. Stylish and powerful as well, its voice being easily transferred to the stage with Takamine's new CT-3N preamp. Comfort, quality, and performance in a great new format. It comes with a semi-hard SH100T case for lightweight, secure protection of your guitar.

Arched Flame Maple
Arched Flame Maple
Flame Maple
Gloss See-thru Blue Burst
Nut Width
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
Larry C.

When will this model be available? I would love to try it out!


They are on back order right now due to their high popularity

Randy W.

Cant wait to try one of these. A friend of mine bought a Takamine after playing one of mine. He mentioned the need to play a thinner body guitar now because of some medical issues. This seems to be an innovative size and should compete with the T5 Taylor. The sound and playability of Takamine has been top dollar. Others have stopped and said "Man that thing sounds good" I have a TSF48C Santa fe (Best plugged in) and GJ72CE-NAT G-Series (Best un-plugged)

Scott F.

One day I'm gonna get me one of them.

Gerry R.

I'm very interested in finding more details of this new thinline series, especially the arch top & back models. It doesn't appear that there is any back bracing by looking at the soundhole in the photo. Being arched on both the top and back may require less bracing. Very interesting design that strays away from the traditional flat tops and possibly some of the associated problems with them. I think the sound of these 2 arch models may be ground breaking. I have confidence in Takamine guitars and the pick up systems they have developed. I own 2 models, the EF341 & the Toby Keith jumbo as well as 2 Taylors and a Jumbo Gibson. I love all of them, But when perfoming only the Taks come out to play. So I can't wait to get the TSB 178AC SSB.


Clyde B.