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About me:

Guitar nut from age 18mths, really only started to try and get a tune out of one age 8 or so.  Current stable of 11guitars, 3 of which are Takamines.  I like to play.... any excuse!

Do open mic sessions around the locality and take a guitar with me on business overseas EVERY TRIP - I've made lots of friends in many countries through getting together and playing together - find music the only true international language.

I run a PA Hire comapny and do event support, artist booking and stage management / sound engineering as a package for local festivals and such.

I make and market premium leather giutar straps, with a standard range and also bespoke tailoring service. My brand is "Uber Doofer" Premium Leather Guitar Straps and reliesd on my 4 decades of leathe rindustry knowledge in teh ability to select "particular" UK sourced leather that makes our straps "keepers".

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