folk guitar, 12 string acoustics, classic rock, and acoustic worship
gardening, pets, birds, music, painting, and journaling
based on true story
About me:

I've always loved music. I hear it in my head. I play the guitar, mountain dulcimer, kalimba, and xylopipes. Music is my way of expressing emotions and dealing with life. I'm a grandma who loves gardening in my yard which is a certified natural habitat. Sometimes when I'm playing my music on the patio, my friend Wilson, who is an anole lizard, comes to listen. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs who enjoy going to sleep to the sound of lullabies on my guitar. I have an autoimmune disease that almost stole everything I had, but I got angry and decided I was going to grab my life back. After a few years of not being able to play, I picked up my guitar and built up callouses again and now I play every day! I feel like music has helped me find the important things in life.

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