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Charles A.

Very good video. This answered a lot of questions!

I was especially interested in the neck fitting portion of this video, as I have done a few neck resets on Takamines and was looking forward to seeing how they were fit.

Earlier in the video we can clearly see craftsmen using protein glue and Titebond. Can anyone verify firsthand what adhesive is used in the neck joint? Per communication with Takamine Japan and my own firsthand experience, they are still using Epoxy in the neck joint which is nearly impossible to release with heat. 

I've also noted that, in the past, the stabilizer bars that help keep the neck in place over the body have been steel instead of Maple. Is there any specific time we can know they made that switch, or is it dependent upon the model?



Tom W.

They use epoxy. I have not seen steel on any of the models, however they may have done this in the past.