January 14: Takamine Showcase 2021 - Video Preview

Enjoy this short preview of "Takamine Showcase 2021"an event that’s unlike anything we've ever done before. On January 14, we’re going to be giving you the most in-depth look ever at our guitars with a video-based event right here on the Takamine USA web site.

We will be showing the events on the front page of the Takamine USA site at the following times on Thursday, January 14: 10AM, 2PM, and 6PM (all times Pacific Standard). No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to see "Takamine Showcase 2021".

• Takamine Series Spotlights: Thinline Series, Thermal Top Series, Pro Series, G Series, Legacy Series, Classical and Hirade Series, Signature Series, Limited Edition Series
• Interviews: The Accidentals, Kyshona Armstrong, Striking Matches, Holly Henderson, Jeff Stinco, Ryanhood
• Demos: Excellent, informative guitar demos that include representatives from the each Takamine product series
• A complete Takamine clinic by guitarist Jake Allen -- don't miss it!

You'll find it all streaming on Thursday January 14 from the front page of www.esptakamine.com!

Chad C.

Nice Guitar