Tak Artist Toby Keith on Colbert's New Late Show

Tak Artist Toby Keith on Colbert's New Late Show

This week, Takamine artist Toby Keith will step onto the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater as one of the first guests on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. When the talk show host introduced Keith's recent induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Colbert told the esteemed audience he showed up "because Toby has always showed up for me." And now, Keith will continue his support and help to launch the new late night program.

The multi-platinum entertainer and irreverent television icon have a long history that includes Keith's four appearances on the Colbert Report, plus the Christmas special and the show's finale. So it is fitting that Toby would join the first week lineup of Colbert's new role as host of The Late Show on Thursday, September 10. The singer-songwriter will perform "Rum is the Reason," a song from his upcoming album.

The upcoming Toby Keith album 35 mph Town  credits Keith on nine cuts, seven with Pinson and one each with Scotty Emerick and Rivers Rutherford. As he prepares for the launch of the album and a national media blitz in support, Keith continues to headline the Good Times & Pick Up Lines Tour Presented by Ford F-Series, drawing standing-room-only crowds from coast to coast.

You can check out Toby's Signature Series Takamine here. Don't miss his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night!

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