Website Conduct Policy

Following is a code of acceptable conduct as members of the Takamine community. We will judge reports of transgressions of the below rules on a case-by-case basis. Actions we may take on a per-case basis may include the following:

- Removal of the offensive content.
- Removal of all posted content of the user.
- Temporary suspension from site interaction.
- Permanent ban from Takamine site membership.

Please note the following, which is applicable to all areas of the Takamine website including our private messages, poll responses, blogs, and any other area of the site where members can interact.

1. Content you post that can be interpreted as offensive or threatening to any other member of the community or is prohibited.

2. Any type of bullying to other members of the Takamine community is not acceptable. Abusive behavior of any kind can result in an immediate and permanent ban from the Takamine community membership.

3. “Ad hominem” (i.e. personal attacks) of any kind toward any member of the Takamine community will not be accepted.

4. Any type of picture or other graphic posted that could be considered pornographic or otherwise offensive will be removed and may result in a suspension or ban from the community.

5. Posts that display or encourage any kind of racism or bigotry will also be deleted, and will result in disciplinary action toward the poster.

6. Posts that are libelous toward any member of the forum or toward Takamine will be met by disciplinary action.

Thank you for understanding, and feel free to let us know if you have any trouble understanding these rules for participation. We appreciate your participation, and hope to continue to improve your experiences with the ESP community in every way possible.