Blake Shelton Announces 2016 Tour

Blake Shelton Announces 2016 Tour

According to "Taste of Country", longtime Takamine player Blake Shelton is gearing up for a busy 2016. The country singer and coach from NBC's The Voice announced Thursday October 8 that a tour is in the works for next year.

“Alright, time to let the cat outta the bag... I’m going back out on tour next year!” he writes on Facebook. "We kick off Feb. 18 in Cincinnati. And for the first time ever, we’re offering some really cool VIP packages that are gonna make hangin’ with y’all a lot of fun!"

Blake's Takamine of choice for the last few years has been his custom "Whiskey Brown" P5DC, a color that up until recently has been exclusive to Blake, but is now a regularly available model, the P5DC-WB. Blake has played Takamine guitars his entire career.

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