When Smaller is Bigger: Takamine New Yorker-Sized Guitars

When Smaller is Bigger: Takamine New Yorker-Sized Guitars

The New Yorker guitar body size has seen a tremendous leap in popularity in the acoustic community in recent years. Takamine produces a variety of them, including the new Special Edition CP400NYK. New Yorkers are the smallest body size in the Takamine line-up. For your reference, our guitar body styles from smallest to largest: NY, FXC, OM, NEX, Dreadnought, Jumbo. As a general rule of thumb, the larger a guitar is, the louder it can be. With that volume increase, there is also an increase in overtones, which make for a lush, broad sound that is great for power-strumming. It also means that more energy will have to be exerted to get that volume.

One of the beauties of small guitars is that they reach a good volume with minimal effort, as it takes much less energy transfer to get the smaller top moving. They create a focused wave that has less overtones, and lots of fundamental to the note. This makes these guitars excellent for more detailed fingerstyle passages. Also, with the revolution in home recording, many enthusiasts find small guitars much easier to mic up, as the signal requires less fiddling around with equalization to get a great sound. They may not fill a room with overwhelming volume and booming tones, but they fill a microphone with precisely the sound you need.

Another key benefit of the New Yorker size is the intrinsic ability for a musician to curl up on the couch with it while in a songwriting frenzy. Its intimate size and volume lends itself to a more personal, one-on-one relationship with the instrument. It may not be the guitar that ends up playing all the hits on stage, but it surely could end up writing them all.

Takamine New Yorker Models
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Tim M.

I been buying Takamine since 1989 and my son uses the 1989 EN10 on stage in Vegas every week. He used to play in the case when his mother and I were on stage in Germany. I didn't know about the NY models. I wanted a smaller one for my bedroom so I bought the baby Taylor. Its really nice but I love all my Takamine guitars. A few days ago I purchased the P3MC for playing out. It sounds great and matches my Takamine 12 string.