Jake Allen Debuts "If You Fall Apart" Video

Jake Allen Debuts "If You Fall Apart" Video

We couldn't be happier for Takamine artist and indie singer-songwriter Jake Allen. His new album Deviant Motions comes out June 29, and he's getting a bunch of well-deserved recognition for his skills as a music creator, as seen in this interview on axs.com. Check out his impressive video for the song "If You Fall Apart" below.

Jake is a dedicated Takamine player, using his TNV460SC, CP7MO TT "Thermal Top", and other Tak models for both recording and use on the road. A number of lucky folks have seen Jake at recent Takamine clinics in California and his home state of Michigan. Jake's playing style, which incorporates tapping, percussive effects, interesting use of harmonics, and live loopers and effects processing, is an inspiration to any guitarist looking to break out of a rut.

You can pre-order Deviant Motions now, and you'll immediately receive the single for "If You Fall Apart". Do it!

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Debbie B.

What a great video, young man!!