Takamine Clinic Recap: Jake Allen at Huber Breese Music

Takamine Clinic Recap: Jake Allen at Huber Breese Music

Indie singer-songwriter (and Takamine artist) Jake Allen did a clinic on April 26 at Huber Breese Music in Fraser, Michigan. The store, which has been going strong for over 45 years, is a local favorite for musicians who appreciate their expertise and advice, along with their great selection of Takamine models. There was a packed house there, and from the reports we received, everyone was blown away not only by Jake's undeniably masterful guitar playing and vocals, but also by how he was able to articulate the advantages offered by his Takamine guitars.

The store filled up pretty quickly for Jake's clinic.

Jake is a passionate performer who puts everything he has into every song..

There was an array of Takamine guitars surrounding Jake so he could explain their various features and benefits for different types of players..

A Takamine clinic is the best place to see and hear the differences in guitars so you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

Toward the end of the clinic, Jake was joined onstage for a raucous jam with Paul Huber, Paul Kramer, and Robby Chism.

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These great photos were provided by Gary Malerba.