Congrats to Randy Hendricks, "Santa Fe" Sweepstakes Winner

Congrats to Randy Hendricks, "Santa Fe" Sweepstakes Winner

In a world where it's far too easy to focus on the negative aspects of modern life, we have an amazing and heartwarming story to share with you.

For the past number of weeks, we've held a sweepstakes where we were giving away a Takamine TSF40C, part of our famous Legacy Series of guitars that are crafted at our pro facility in Japan. It's one of our acclaimed "Santa Fe" guitar models. We knew we'd get a lot of people entering for a chance to win this excellent professional-caliber cedar-topped, mahogany-backed guitar, and thousands of you did just that. We picked a winner in the usual way... a random number selection that corresponded with one of the entries.

What we couldn't have known is how deeply deserving our winner would be. When we contacted Randy Hendricks of Johnstown, OH, and told him that he'd won the TSF40C, he responded with a story that we had to share with you.


 I am a long time Takamine fan. In the late 80s / early 90s my dad helped me purchase my first Takamine , an EF 360C. I had it for many years. He unfortunately lost a battle with Alzheimer's / Dementia in 2004. The Takamine was one of my most cherished memories and possessions with him. On February 24 2010 we had a house fire and I ended up losing my guitar. It was thrown out to clear the house and then someone actually stole what was left of many of our belongings including the guitar. We luckily had insurance but not enough. I wasn't able to replace it. Since then, since I'm a huge Kenny Chesney fan, I have been saving for a KC70. As you know life happens and we had some other bad circumstances so my savings keeps getting depleted.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I can not believe this! This is simply amazing! I can't wait!"

Randy, we couldn't be happier that we get to help out someone who is so deserving of a nice new guitar. We're looking forward to getting some photos from him after he receives his prize! For everyone else, please remember to sign up as a member of the Takamine community so you have an opportunity to be our next deserving winner!

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Randy  H.


The Fatguy

Awesome story. Love it.  Congrats Randy. 

Randy  H.

Thank you very much!   Im super pumped!