Step Up to Adirondack Spruce with Two New Limited-Edition Takamine Models

Step Up to Adirondack Spruce with Two New Limited-Edition Takamine Models

We all love the classic sound of a finely-crafted, solid spruce-topped acoustic guitar, but not all spruces are created equal. Adirondack spruce (also known as red spruce) is an excellent top wood that was used a great deal on legendary pre-war guitars. Adirondack is a stiff yet springy top wood that yields excellent dynamics and exceptional volume, making it great for bold strumming as well as cutting, crisp bluegrass flatpicking. Due to factors such as air quality and over-harvesting, Adirondack spruce has been more scarce in recent times—especially in the higher elevations that yield larger, older trees which are necessary for dreadnought-sized guitar tops. Takamine has produced two great guitars that utilize this amazing wood, with both a nod to the past and a keen eye on the future of sustainable tone woods.


This slope-shouldered cherry burst cutaway beauty has a classic songwriter’s guitar look and feel. With its 24-3/4” scale and classic C-shape neck, it takes a nod toward pre-war slope shoulder dreads, while giving you a cutaway and Takamine’s legendary CoolTube™ electronics. The back and sides are sustainable sapele, a beautiful tonewood used on a number of our Pro Series models. The resulting guitar is a loud, sweet strummer that speaks with authority and familiarity. Check out Linda Taylor putting it through its paces here.


A classic understated dreadnought machine, the CP5D-OAD has a 25-3/8" scale and a comfortable slim D-shape neck that is classic Takamine. This guitar features Takamine’s CT4 DX preamp, and it incorporates a second pickup (a soundboard transducer) along with the workhorse Palathetic pickup. The CP5D-OAD features a sustainable ovangkol back and sides that gives it a familiar rosewood “bump” on the bottom end, but with more midrange content and exceptional balance. Here’s Linda giving this beauty a run-through.

Both of these guitars are Adirondack cannons. They represent the boldness of this special spruce as well as the gorgeous and unique snappy midrange and treble spark that it is known for. The tops are hand-selected by our team of artists in Sakashita, Japan... lovingly crafted in this great facility using all the expert luthier techniques they have developed since 1962. Contact your Takamine dealer to get yours today!

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