Takamine's Legacy Series: Fan Favorites

Takamine's Legacy Series: Fan Favorites

Like all great guitar manufacturers, Takamine constantly tries to make improvements to the products we offer, taking advantage of innovations in instrument design and creation. This can result in excellent new guitars that offer many previously-unavailable benefits to players, such as Takamine's popular NEX body shape, or the acclaimed TT "Thermal Top" Series. Over the years, Takamine has made some changes to the product lineup that allow us to accommodate new models. When we add new products to our offerings, invariably some products have to go away to make room for those new guitars. But in some cases, the guitar designs are so classic that they remain fan favorites that we never want to stop producing. Those guitars are what make up the Takamine Legacy Series.

A great example is the iconic EF341SC and EF381SC. These guitars have defined stage look and sound for decades through artists like Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Ariel Camacho. The Legacy Series also includes Takamine models made of beautiful Hawaiian Koa with the EF508KC and the EF407, as well as odes to Native American art and the American southwest with the TSF48C and TSF40C. The series is rounded out by some incredibly popular stage guitars, which are used to perform to millions of people every year—the TF77-PT and EF261S-AN.

EF341SC. How many times have you seen a performer onstage with this iconic black cedar-topped guitar? Also available in a spruce-topped 12-string version with the EF381SC.

Built with a top, back and sides made of figured Hawaiian koa, the EF508KC is so uniquely cool among guitars that it merits its place in Takamine's Legacy Series.

The TSF48C was added to the Takamine offerings as part of the acclaimed "Santa Fe" series, inspired by Native American art of the southwest.

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