Get the Lowdown on Takamine Acoustic-Electric Basses

Get the Lowdown on Takamine Acoustic-Electric Basses

Guitarists have it easy. Think about it; pretty much every guitarist in the world has an acoustic laying around -- a Takamine, if they're smart -- that they can pick up at a moment's notice, fret a chord, and they're off to the races. There's no need for anything else... no electricity, no amp, no cable. Just the guitar and you, and you're making music seconds later. Got an idea for a new song, or a cool riff that popped into your head? You pick up that guitar and the idea goes from concept to reality in mere moments. Sitting around with friends who want to jam or do a singalong at a party? You're playing that tune before the rest of the people can remember the words to the chorus.

Bass players generally do not have this luxury. An unamplified electric bass guitar is generally not the ideal instrument for performing or composing. The reason should be obvious, but we’ll tell you anyway. Most basses, with their solid bodies, have little resonant acoustic capabilities on their own. Also, the lower frequencies of a bass require even higher energy than a guitar to amplify to the more perceptible ranges of human hearing.

Enter the Acoustic-Electric Bass
Since almost all guitar players have an acoustic instrument around for these purposes, why do bass players shortchange themselves by not turning to one of these terrific instruments? Takamine’s acoustic-electric basses offer plenty of volume for purely acoustic jams, and then sound amazing when plugged-in and amplified. Sonically, they fit in well with other acoustic instruments, with an organic and natural vibe that’s perfect for both recording and live shows.

G Series Basses: Affordable Acoustic Goodness
There are several choices in jumbo-bodied acoustic-electric basses from the affordable Takamine G Series. The GB30CE is available in both Black and Natural finishes (as well as left-handed versions), and offer a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. The GB72CE, available in Brown Sunburst and Natural finishes, kicks it up a notch with the punchy acoustic sound of flame maple back and sides. All basses in the Takamine G Series offer the great-sounding and versatile TK-40B preamp system, which includes a built-in tuner, three-band EQ and gain controls, mid-shift control, bass-boost switch and EQ bypass switch.

G Series GB30CE (Gloss Black, Gloss Natural)

G Series GB72CE (Gloss Natural, Gloss Brown Sunburst)

Pro Series Basses: Handcrafted to Perfection
For very serious performers, Takamine offers a couple of outstanding bass choices in our Pro Series. These basses are created by hand at Takamine’s famous design and manufacturing facility in Sakashita, Japan. First is the jumbo-bodied PB5, available in See Through Black and Antique Stain finishes. These basses offer a spruce top, maple neck, and maple sides with an arched maple back for even greater pure acoustic volume. When it’s time to plug in, they feature Takamine’s CT4-DX preamp, one of the most acclaimed electronics system from any of our finest instruments.

Pro Series PB5 (Gloss Antique Stain, Gloss See-Thru Black)

The highest end of Takamine’s acoustic-electric bass offerings comes in the form of the TB10, an incredibly unique hybrid crossover instrument. You can play it like a standard bass guitar with its typical 34” scale, or turn it around and use the tail pin extension peg to play as an upright bass. It even has a fretless fingerboard with a radius that allows for bowing. This bass is outstanding in every way, with an incredible tone and rich harmonics you would expect from an upright bass, and offers our CTP-3 CoolTube electronics for the best in plugged-in sound for recording and performance.

Pro Series TB10

Join the Acoustic Party, Bass Players!
From G Series to Pro Series, you can purchase Takamine acoustic basses from any authorized Takamine dealer across the USA, so get in touch with one of them today!

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