Takamine Co-Stars on "The Voice" Finale

Takamine Co-Stars on "The Voice" Finale

Having just wrapped up its 15th season, NBC's The Voice remains one of the most popular and enduring competition-based reality TV series. We're proud to say that two of the four performers who made it all the way to the show's finale -- Chris Kroeze and Kirk Jay -- did so with a little help from Takamine guitars. Of course, having Takamine artist Blake Shelton as their coach was likely a factor in the appearance of the world's most acclaimed acoustic-electric guitar for these crucial live performances. But don't just take our word for it; check out these clips and judge for yourself!

Above, finalist Chris Kroeze performs his cool original song “Human”, and is playing his newly-acquired Takamine CP400NYK. The cedar top, koa backed, satin finish New Yorker from Takamine’s Limited Edition Series was recently gifted to Chris by Blake, and it appears to suit him very well.

Clip two above features a duet between Blake and finalist Kirk Jay. The song, “You Look So Good in Love”, is a 1983 country classic recorded by both George Strait and Mickey Gilley. But when Kirk drives it from the second verse home, he makes it his own. Blake is playing a 2007 TAN16C (similar to current P7DC), also from the Pro Series. And yes, that is the lovely and talented Takamine artist Jenee Fleenor playing fiddle.

Over nine million people on average watch The Voice each episode, twice weekly, and we're proud that Takamine continues to have a co-starring role on one of the most viewed TV programs in America.

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The Fatguy

Nice to see Takamine back in the (shared) spotlight, where it belongs.