Premier Guitar Review: EF360SC TT

Premier Guitar Review: EF360SC TT

Our friends at Premier Guitar Magazine do some of the most in-depth and thorough reviews of any music product publication, so we knew that when they reviewed the Takamine EF360SC TT, it would be much more than a precursory glance at the instrument, and we weren't wrong. Reviewer Adam Perlmutter really took this "thermal top" guitar through its paces, and you can read the entire review here. The magazine also includes some audio examples of the guitar in the review, which you should check out. Ultimately, the EF360SC TT merited the coveted "Premier Guitar Premier Gear" award, something we feel this superb example of Takamine instrument design deserves. 

A few quotes...

"Handmade in Takamine’s shop, in Sakashita, Japan, the EF360SC TT is well built, to say the least. Construction is immaculate from headstock to endpin. Nut slots are perfectly notched, as are those on the split saddle. The frets are perfectly seated, polished, and free of jagged edges. Inside there’s not a trace of excess glue or any other artifacts of the manufacturing process."

"Whether I picked G runs on the EF360SC TT, strummed hard, or tried delicate fingerpicking in DADGAD and open-G tunings, I was impressed by the guitar’s evenness between registers, projection, and sustain. The bass is strong without being boomy, the midrange is punchy, and the trebles are clear and full. It’s also certainly reasonable to expect the EF360SC TT to age as gracefully as a vintage instrument, even with its torrefied head start."

"Takamine’s reputation as a great guitar for live amplification has remained consistent in the decades since. And it’s a testament to the Palathetic’s great utility that its basic original design is still intact and used on many Takamine guitars, including the EF360SC TT reviewed here. But with a “toasted” torrefied top, the EF360SC TT utilizes more than the company’s solid electronics to create a great sounding whole. And if this guitar is any indication, the Japanese builder is making some of its best guitars to date."

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