Takamine At Home on 'The Voice' Stage

Takamine At Home on 'The Voice' Stage

Since season one of The Voice, Blake Shelton has gifted many of the young artists he has coached with guitars. What more practical gift for a promising musician? Blake did not discriminate when doing so. If you were one of his amazing singers voted to that final stage of the competition, the mighty Oklahoman presented you with a cool new Takamine -- even if you didn’t play guitar (yet).

Season 16 was no different. As a prelude to the finals and grand finale, Blake presenting each of his remaining six artists with an acoustic-electric Takamine model chosen specifically for them. 

In the group shot below, standing left to right with their new Taks are: Dexter Roberts with his Pro Series P5DC dreadnought cutaway; Andrew Sevener and the elegant black flagship EF341SC; Gyth Rigdon and his cedar-topped, satin-finished P3DC; Carter Lloyd Horne with the extremely well-suited TSF48C from Takamine's rich Santa Fe Legacy; Kim Cherry with the brand new limited-edition CP3NY; and Oliv Blu and her luxuriously rich thermal top EF360SC TT.

Dexter, Andrew and Gyth advanced to the final four where they quickly incorporated their new guitars into the crucial season 16 finale performances where they were joined by Toby Keith and his signature model EF250TK, Blake and his EF360SC TT and even the Jonas Bros sporting a stunning (and very rare) 2005, custom white, TNV260S. In the end it was Team John Legend’s incredible and well- deserving Maelyn Jarmon who took home The Voice top honors.

Here’s to the world of music makers and dream chasers, and the cool and caring Blake Shelton, who remains one of them.

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I have the TSF48c like Blake gave Carter Lloyd. You will truly love this quality guitar. I have had mine for several years. Unplugged it is a easy to play mild, warm, and smooth sound, plugged in it is a warm beast. I play it mostly at Church or when doing a solo somewhere.  I usually play my GJ72CE-nat Big body around the house because of ease of play and projection. 

Thanks Blake for sharing the music. Takamine has earned my support because of the pure quality, ease of play and great sound.   …   Handy Randy

The Fatguy

Maybe someone needs to do a review on the TNV260S. (Tom/Jeff) ...  Unless thats a typo for a 760 and then I still havent seen a custom white one. 

michael g.

Nice guys ! Blake hell of a nice guy right? congrats to you all.