Nov 16: Takamine Day at Campos Music (Mesa, AZ)

If you're in the greater Phoenix area, clear your schedule for this coming weekend, because Campos Music is hosting a special Takamine Day! Representatives from Takamine will be on hand to answer your questions and to get you set up with the perfect Takamine for your style of playing. Whether you're into 6-strings, 12-strings, jumbos, dreadnoughts, Pro Series, G Series or anything else related to fine acoustic-electric guitars, we'll be there to get you a great deal on your next Takamine!

Campos Music Takamine Day
Saturday November 16, 11AM - 5PM
1241 E. Broadway #24
Mesa, AZ 85204

Cassandra E.

All artist must need a event like this. More events to come!  maid service Winter Park

Alex J.

I was there that day, the best music show I've ever seen. And I was able to ask some of the questions about my electric guitar.

When I'm not playing my guitar, I play tic tac toe online with friends, that I downloaded on my computer.