Takamine NAMM Show 2020 Preview

Takamine NAMM Show 2020 Preview

Not everyone gets to go to the NAMM Show, the annual trade convention for the musical instrument and pro audio industries. Held every January in Anaheim, CA a couple of blocks away from Disneyland, the NAMM Show is, for many musicians, the actual happiest place on Earth.

As we’ve done at Takamine for the past number of years, we’ll be at the NAMM Show along with our USA distributor, ESP Guitars, upstairs in booth 208A/B. If you’re heading to NAMM, being held from January 16-19, you can expect to see the following in the Takamine area of this spacious demo room.

New LTD-2020 Limited Edition Model
We can’t tell you anything about this guitar yet… sorry to disappoint you. But we will tell you that on a general basis, the special limited edition Takamine for 2020 is absolutely spectacular. It’s a beautiful guitar with a distinctive finish, incredible inlays, and the finest feature set available today. We feel that the LTD-2020 ranks among the best limited edition models we’ve ever done, and it has a theme that is vitally important in 2020 and beyond.

New DX Series Guitars
We’ve just announced the new Takamine DX Series. The first two models are based on two of our most well-known and beloved models: the EF341SC and 12-string EF381SC, which get the “deluxe” treatment with the addition of strikingly colorful abalone purfling, abalone rosette, Gotoh tuners with pearloid buttons, and delicate Takamine diamond inlays. Come strum them both at the Takamine booth!

Special Guitar Tunings
Visitors to the Takamine NAMM booth will be able to experience a few of our guitars in ways they might not expect. We’ll have a guitar strung in Nashville (aka high strung) tuning, where the wound strings are replaced with lighter gauge strings an octave up for a jangly timbre that cuts through a mix. We’ll also have a couple of our 12-string guitars strung in the style used by many Latinx musicians for various regional music styles, where six double courses (not octaves) are used for a delightfully full sound that’s been popular for many years. Come check them out!

Other New Models
Again, we can’t spill all the beans just yet, but we have some additions to one of our popular new guitar series that should make a lot of people happy… especially those who appreciate great sound, comfortable feel, and stage-ready performance.

All Your Favorites
As usual, the Takamine booth will be chock full of the guitars that make up our Pro Series, Legacy Series, Signature Series, Classical/Hirade, Limited Edition models, and affordable G Series guitars that you know and love. If you’re heading to NAMM, make sure that Booth 208A/B is high on your “must see” list!

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This is beautiful!

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I can't wait to go check this show out! 


Looks like a good place to visit! Hope I can be there the next event.

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