January 14: Takamine Showcase 2021

January 14: Takamine Showcase 2021

Heads-up, all you Takamine fans out there. Here's an advance early notice about a very exciting streaming video event we have planned called "Takamine Showcase 2021"!

Why We’re Doing It
It’s pretty simple: with the cancellation of the NAMM Show, we wanted to put together a presentation that captures the fun and excitement of NAMM, but have it be accessible to everyone who loves Takamine Guitars.

What To Expect
“Takamine Showcase 2021” will include:

  • Spotlights on all of the Takamine guitar series that you know and love, from Pro Series to Legacy Series, G Series to Limited Editions,  and everything in between.
  • Great new demos of our guitars that span many styles and price ranges.
  • Interviews with terrific Takamine artists, and a full Takamine clinic by the amazing Jake Allen.
  • Plus, a Giveaway
: we will soon be announcing more details, but we’re also going to be giving away one of our world-class instruments to a lucky US-based viewer of "Takamine Showcase 2021"!

Where and When
“Takamine Showcase 2021” will be held on January 14, 2021 in a streaming video at esptakamine.com. More details on the schedule and giveaway sweepstakes will be released between now and then. Get ready!

Ken N.



Mikel Lee

Looking forward to it! 


Awesome! Exactly what I need and wanted. As a non industry person, I couldn't get into NAMM anyway. Really interested in the P6N :)

The Fatguy

"Why we're doing it"

Novel approach but, ummmm,  because its advertising ?   
Because,  in spite of the 2020 LTD being stunning and aptly named,  2020 sucked ? 
Because Tak enthusiasts need help getting the word out there ? 

Whatever the reasoning,  I'm super excited for it.