EF7M-LS Giveaway from Premier Guitar Magazine!

EF7M-LS Giveaway from Premier Guitar Magazine!

Our friends at Premier Guitar Magazine are doing a giveaway, and it's a seriously great one. Some lucky winner is going to receive an EF7M-LS, one of the outstanding guitars from the Takamine Limited Edition Series. The "LS" in this guitar's name stands for Lutz spruce, a hybrid spruce from the Northwest that grows between stands of Sitka spruce and Canadian white spruce. The sound reminds us of some of the best qualities of legendary Adirondack spruce, while being a bit more dynamically forgiving. Paired with solid Indian rosewood back and sides, the EF7M-LS is a phenomenal OM-shape guitar, and someone is going to get one straight from Premier Guitar... a $2,499.99 value!

In addition to the grand prize, another 10 runners-up will receive a copy of Affirmation Day, the latest album from respected Takamine player Jake Allen. The giveaway starts today (June 15, 2021) and runs until June 29, 2021. USA residents only... visit the link below to enter and to see the full rules and regulations. Best of luck to you from Premier Guitar, Jake Allen, and Takamine!


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