Takamine Artist Jason Charles Miller Releases 'From the Wreckage, Pt. 2'

Takamine Artist Jason Charles Miller Releases 'From the Wreckage, Pt. 2'

Making its debut today (October 22, 2021) is the latest album from southern rock/Americana singer-songwriter Jason Charles Miller. From the Wreckage, Pt. 2 is the second part of this suite of music, Part 1 having come out earlier this year. The gritty, country-tinged seven-song collection is available wherever you listen to and buy music.

Jason's story in the Takamine artist family is somewhat unique. His early claim to musical fame saw him as the founder and frontman of industrial rock band Godhead, a band that did world tours next to artists like Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, and Slipknot. Over a decade later when he began creating music as a solo artist, Jason's sound took a sharp turn into the world of country rock, and he's released seven albums in the genre since then. Jason is also a hard-working voiceover artist based in Los Angeles, where he's appeared in over 100 animated productions and video games. Due to his variety of musical output, Jason is one of only a handful of musicians endorsed by both Takamine and its USA distributor, ESP Guitars.

Jason's Takamine guitars of choice include the EF340S TT, an early model from Takamine's acclaimed Thermal Top series. These guitars have spruce tops that are baked in a vacuum environment to get the highly-desirable tone that a musician expects from a much older instrument in a brand new guitar. Jason also often turns to his P1DC SM, one of the hand-crafted guitars that make up Takamine's famous Pro Series.

Keep up with the music and the many lives of Jason Charles Miller via his official web site.

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