Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews the Thermal Top Series CRN-TS1

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews the Thermal Top Series CRN-TS1

In their November/December 2022 issue #337, the respected Acoustic Guitar Magazine has reviewed Takamine's CRN-TS1 guitar from the Thermal Top Series, and we felt compelled to share some of their words. The extraordinarily thorough review was done for the magazine by experienced composer, performer, and journalist Emile Menasché, who took the CRN-TS1 through many playing scenarios and did a deep dive into the guitar's details.

"If the Takamine handles the subtle and expressive stuff with grace, it really comes to life when you roll up your sleeves and strum big chords. Think Americana, country rock—any genre where you want, say, an open G chord to jangle at the top and punch hard at the bottom. The tone is big and muscular, but it’s lean muscle, with no tubby undertones to muddy the sound. Thanks to the fretboard radius, barre chords are especially easy to play, and they sound huge. With all six strings vibrating clearly, a barred F rings like an open E."

Menasché covers great detail in the review, going over everything from the guitar's cosmetics to its playing feel, its onboard electronics, tones (both acoustically and plugged in), and more. The bottom line?

"... the unamplified sound, with its combination of clarity and harmonic overtones, makes the CRN-TS1 more than an elegant yet reliable tool. For a big guitar with a big sound, the Takamine also offers an intimate quality that rewards an uncluttered approach, where notes are given the time and space to linger."

Acoustic Guitar's site is free to visit, and the magazine is available by subscription (though you can opt for the print version, digital version, or both). Or, get a single copy of the Nov/Dec issue 337 here.