Winner's Circle: TSP158C-12 Sweepstakes

Winner's Circle: TSP158C-12 Sweepstakes

Everyone at Takamine USA sends our congratulations to Charles Arnold of Campbellsville, Kentucky. Out of thousands and thousands of people who entered, Charles is the winner of our recent TSP158C-12 sweepstakes. He received his guitar a few days ago and had this to say...

The guitar showed up this morning and I just got to play it about an hour ago. Wow! I haven't been able to put it down, the beauty and craftsmanship of this guitar is second to none. It's very comfortable to play and sounds great - acoustic or amplified. Can't wait to see what music we're going to play together.

Thanks again, and merry Christmas to everyone at Takamine USA.


Charles got a pretty amazing gift going into the holiday season. The TSP158C-12 is part of the Takamine Thinline Series... guitars that offer the magic combination of outstanding build quality, uncompromised sound for both acoustic and plugged-in performance, and incredible playing comfort. Available in both 6-string and 12-string versions, as well as in See Thru Black and See Thru Red finishes, the TSP158C has a large acoustic sound that is chimey and articulate due to its arched maple back and sides. It comes equipped with Takamine's CT3N electronics, providing effortless stage amplification and controls — a hallmark of all Takamine guitars. 

Once again, we're glad Charles is so happy with his new guitar, and for the rest of you, don't be sad... we have plenty of great Takamine USA giveaways planned for 2023!

Vicky H.

This is cool! Thank you for updating!

Joy M.

Cuando otro sorteo?
Muero de ganas por tener una de esas!


Colin H.

Jealous! What a gift!

Zachary F.


Zachary F.

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