Takamine NAMM Show 2023 Preview

Takamine NAMM Show 2023 Preview

If you're new to the world of musical instruments, you might not have ever even heard of the NAMM Show. It's a trade show that, for decades, was held every January in Anaheim, CA, and brought together nearly every manufacturer of products that help people make music, from guitars to flutes to pianos to loudspeakers to microphones to amps to software... you get the idea. For most musicians, the NAMM Show is heaven on Earth, even though most people couldn't attend this industry-only event that was intended to connect the manufacturers and retail stores that sell their products around the world.

The NAMM Show was held annually every year from 1901 onward, and went on without a hitch for 120 straight years... until a global pandemic shut it down for the first time in 2021. We did have a NAMM Show in June 2022, and it was great to be back. This year's show happens next week, running April 13-15 in the same familiar environment of the Anaheim Convention Center, a block down Harbor Boulevard from Disneyland. Takamine will once again be exhibiting along with our US distributor, ESP Guitars, on the second level in Booth 208A/B. What do we have planned for NAMM? Read on!

Lots and Lots of Guitars
The main reason people come to the NAMM Show is to check out instruments that they may not have had the opportunity to experience in person. That's why the Takamine booth will be chock full of guitars, lining the walls from floor to ceiling. We'll have models from our handcrafted Japan-built Pro Series, Legacy Series, TT "Thermal Top" Series, Hirade & Classical Series, and more. And, of course, we'll have plenty of our popular and value-packed G Series guitars there as well. If you were ever interested in a new Takamine model, chances are that we'll have one for you to see at NAMM 2023.

... And Some New Ones
It wouldn't be NAMM without some surprises. We have several brand new guitars that are making their worldwide debut at the show. These include our annual Limited Edition "LTD" guitar, and we're particularly excited about this year's model. The LTD2023 will be on hand at NAMM, and for the 99% of you who won't be at the show, all of the detailed information and specs will be available here on the Takamine USA site on the first day of NAMM.

Almost Live from Anaheim
Here's another treat for the grand majority of musicians around the world who can't be physically present at NAMM. During the show, we'll be creating video-based product spotlights that we'll post each day of the show. We'll get as many as we can, with spotlights that allow you to check out both new and current Takamine guitar models from the comfort of your own home... or your phone. Those video spotlights will be available right here on the Takamine USA site.

Meet the Experts
If you are coming by the NAMM Show and have questions about our guitars, our factory representatives will be on hand to answer them. If you want to know which Takamine model will be right for fingerstyle blues, or to use as a solo singer-songwriter, or to play in a worship band, we can direct you to the most appropriate guitars for you. Same goes for your questions about scale length, playing comfort, tone, or anything else you want to know.

All in all, we're expecting that the 2023 NAMM Show will be great for everyone, whether you're there in person or not. It all happens in about a week, so we look forward to getting this show on the road! For more information about the NAMM Show in general, please visit their web site.

2023 NAMM Show
April 13-15, 2023
Anaheim Convention Center Booth 208A/B

Matt K.

Very nice.

Pug Dederson

Very nice, indeed.

Benjamin T.

The NAMM Show is an important event in the world of musical instruments as it brings together manufacturers, retailers, and musicians. It provides an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their latest products and innovations, while retailers can see what's new in the market and make informed purchasing decisions. Musicians can also attend to try out new instruments, network with industry professionals, and attend workshops and seminars to improve their craft. Although it is an industry-only event, the NAMM Show has a significant impact on the music industry and the products that are available to musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Dave S.

Hopefully next year, I might be able to go. Therefore, I can have the opportunity to see many others guitars, and also hear about upcoming models. I have been a takamine fan for 6 years now, so it would be great for me.