Chuck Ward on the Takamine P7D: “Consistent and Amazing”

Chuck Ward on the Takamine P7D: “Consistent and Amazing”

Nothing pleases designers and builders of acoustic guitars more than when world-class players like Chuck Ward choose to partner with their creations. That same high applies to 6-string wizards like Ward when they first encounter that one guitar that truly delivers the magic. It’s what everyone is after.

In this case, it was not just one Takamine model that rang Ward’s bell, but two - not that he doesn’t have a favorite.

We caught up with Chuck Ward well into his fifth year and tenth tour as lead guitarist for Aaron Lewis, the former guitarist, vocalist, and founding member of the band Stained who has successfully pursued his solo career in country music since 2010. We wanted to ask the acclaimed Tele shredder, Ward, how the Takamine guitars were holding up during the extensive 130-date acoustic tour (as if we didn’t know).

“Things are going great out here!” exclaimed Chuck. “It’s a full acoustic year so the Taks are getting lots of love! Both are still kicking ass! I love the Glenn Frey, it’s killer, but man that P7D is seriously the best sounding acoustic through a P/A I’ve ever played. I get compliments on it every single night."

Even before the advent of the all-acoustic tour, Ward knew the Aaron Lewis gig would involve some serious acoustic duties, so he vowed to get his hands the best acoustic-electric available. A mutual friend pointed Chuck towards Takamine, and after carefully auditioning several full dreadnoughts in Nashville, Chuck had narrowed it down to the rosewood back and sides, spruce topped EF360GF and its maple-bound, asymmetric-neck-profiled sibling the P7D. Seems both guitars really wanted to go on tour with Chuck – and as it turns out, both are. But it was the P7D that would eventually steal his heart.

“Tight punchy low end with plenty of crisp highs. Extremely comfortable neck and the thing stays in tune perfectly,” Ward continued. “Even after riding in the vault on the semi, I pull it out and it’s in tune ready to go. Consistent and amazing would be a great way to sum up the P7D,” he concluded.

We’re glad you two met, Chuck. She seems to love you too. Track down the Aaron Lewis tour and the great Chuck Ward here.

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Benjamin T.

It sounds like you're talking about the special connection between a musician and their instrument. When a musician finds the perfect guitar that produces the sound they're after, it's a thrilling experience. And for the designers and builders of acoustic guitars, there's no greater compliment than having a world-class player choose to partner with their creation. It's a testament to their craftsmanship and the quality of their work. Ultimately, everyone involved in creating and playing music is striving to capture that magic that comes from a perfect match between musician and instrument.