Chayce Beckham Steps into the Opry Circle

Chayce Beckham Steps into the Opry Circle

Embedded center stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is a six-foot circle of well-worn white oak and sturdy maple flooring extracted from the ancient stage of country music’s mother church, the Ryman Auditorium. The iconic circle, scuffed and scraped by the legendary likes of Hank Williams, Patsy Kline, Loretta Lynn, and a 22-year-old Elvis Presley, was purposely placed on the front apron of the Opry stage so that any of today’s artists invited to step up to that WSM mic would find themselves standing within that symbolic portal to the Opry past.

In November 2023, stepping into that iconic circle on that hallowed stage for his Grand Ole Opry debut was our friend Chayce Beckham, and the significance of the time and place was not lost on him.

“What a moment, what a night, still lost for words," wrote Chayce afterwards. “All I can say is how incredibly grateful I am for the opportunities I have had in this life, where they have taken me, and all the beautiful people who let me sing my stories for them along the way. Because of my family, my team, and my fans, I got to step foot into the Circle and sing at the Grand Ole Opry. God bless you, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

For his Opry debut, Chayce played his self-penned hit "23," first performed during his 2021 winning stint on American Idol -- and still resonating with an ever-expanding fan base some 130 million on-demand streams later. Chayce also performed the equally poignant "Till The Day I Die," showcasing a songwriting talent equal to his notable performance skills and undeniable overall star-power... a rare combination duly acknowledged by the Opry.

Beckham tours with several Takamine models including a TF77-PT from Tak’s esteemed Legacy Series, and an EF360S TT from the sweet-toned TT Series. But for this notable occasion, Chayce turned to his custom, name-laden CP7MO TT, and if ever there was an instrument hand-crafted for a particular stage and spotlight, it was that guitar, on that night, in the hands of the great Chayce Beckham.

gedova s.

This was truly a moment steeped in the rich history of country music. 

soho e.

Till The Day I Die my favorite...

Alice B.

This Ol'Rodeo! Keep it up!