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Acoustic guitars have played a huge role in rock music, from the ‘50s through the present. Meet and talk with other Takamine rockers about playing techniques, acoustic rock sub-genres, your favorite artists, and anything else that rocks acoustic-style!

Jose V.

Hello all!! this gruop is active?


Hello All,

   Is anyone still active in this group?

greg f.


friends, i have owned a Gn30ce acoustic for almost one year now. it has greatly helped my song writing and play. its well built and sounds great. i will love to share my strenght with you all and be positively imparted too.


Moon Dog

Check out Mr Takamine on facebook for where to get your Tak fixed.



Chris S.

1st time on here & probably gonna make a fool out of myself right away so here I go..... 

   I recently purchased my 1st Takamine Acoustic guitar after always wanting a Takamine, going back to my hair metal days of 1986 -1990 and on and on from there. Anyway my 1st Takamine purchase is a GD30CE which I realize isn't the best model or anything real special except to someone like myself who is absolutely in love! 

    I was wondering if anyone could help me date my G series? 

Serial # CC160401620

any help at all would be greatly appreciated! 

Sincerely, Chris Sellers


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