Acoustic Rock

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Acoustic Rock

Acoustic guitars have played a huge role in rock music, from the ‘50s through the present. Meet and talk with other Takamine rockers about playing techniques, acoustic rock sub-genres, your favorite artists, and anything else that rocks acoustic-style!

Edward S.

Although I own many acoustic guitars and would love to add some more Taks to the collection, my only Tak right now is a 2000 Santa Fe Nylon string hybrid!  I got it at the Philly Vintage Guitar Show a few years ago and just love it!


Edward S.

Hello!  I hope to find out what you all are doing as well as tell you what I am doing! 

Jose V.

Hello all!! this gruop is active?

Edward S.

I hope so, I am new here!


Hello All,

   Is anyone still active in this group?

Edward S.

I hope so, I just joined! 

greg f.


friends, i have owned a Gn30ce acoustic for almost one year now. it has greatly helped my song writing and play. its well built and sounds great. i will love to share my strenght with you all and be positively imparted too.


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