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Acoustic guitars have played a huge role in rock music, from the ‘50s through the present. Meet and talk with other Takamine rockers about playing techniques, acoustic rock sub-genres, your favorite artists, and anything else that rocks acoustic-style!

Moon Dog

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Chris S.

1st time on here & probably gonna make a fool out of myself right away so here I go..... 

   I recently purchased my 1st Takamine Acoustic guitar after always wanting a Takamine, going back to my hair metal days of 1986 -1990 and on and on from there. Anyway my 1st Takamine purchase is a GD30CE which I realize isn't the best model or anything real special except to someone like myself who is absolutely in love! 

    I was wondering if anyone could help me date my G series? 

Serial # CC160401620

any help at all would be greatly appreciated! 

Sincerely, Chris Sellers


Joel R.

Looking for someone to repair a EG523SC 12  any advise  thanks  Joel