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From country to folk to jazz to blues… if you use your fingers to make your sounds on your Takamine, you’re in the right place. Discussions of techniques, styles, and artists are encouraged and welcomed.

George R.

Time to resurrect Takamine again!  I've got 2 Tak's with another on the way.  FP340S; CD132SC: and PT118(ST).  Waiting on the PT118, it's being shipped from the Russian Federation.  Having an awful time finding any information on it, but I've pieced together some information.

Does anyone know about the PT series?  Specifically the PT118(ST)?  The stereo preamp, arched top and back, ebony fingerboard, and the smaller body all seems like a great little finger pickin' guitar.

While I'm here, my favorite guitar picks are all made by Fred Kelley.  I've used them for 15 years or so.  Lot's of great picks, so check them out and try a few different types.


Hello All,

   Is anyone still active in this group?

Will M.

Purchased my first Takamine in May of this year.... A GN77KCE-NAT..... I wasn't looking for a new acoustic/electric guitar but over the past few years a few of my fellow gigging friends have been using them hard,,,, they gig really well and the electronics really are superior. The koa body and top really make for an articulate and well balanced guitar both acoustically and plugged in. The TP4-TD preamp is great, the palathetic split pickup does a nice job of evenly reproducing all the strings. Overall I've been impressed with the build quality and electronics in this G-series guitar.

No, it's definitely not Takamine's top of the line guitar but the setup, playability, intonation and sound, plugged or unplugged, is every bit as good (if not better, with a little more sparkle) than the two vintage Guilds I gig with - a '94 F4 CE-N with a Fishman Matrix system and Ia '84 D-40 I fitted with an LR Baggs Element system. Possibly this mid-range G- series Takamine is so good because the guitar was designed and built specifically with the electronics in mind?

For me, this is just a damned good fingerstyle guitar that really shines for jazz and country blues. It's awesome on the porch and in the living room. Plugged into my PA which pumps out 1600 watts rms @4 ohms, the electronics do a nice job reproducing the jangly and muted sounds, thumping bass notes and full, articulate closed chord voicings. Plug this baby into any system that's got tons of clean headroom and it makes a believer out of anybody hearing it. The built-in tuner? A bonus feature!

Jim B.

Andy Mckee all the way!

Ryan W.

I love my EN-10 with cedar top!

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