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Takamine country players unite! For decades, country musicians around the world have turned to Takamine for everything from songwriting to jams, stage shows, recording sessions, and more. Feel free to discuss guitars, techniques, artists, and anything else with your fellow country music partners.


Hello All,

   Is anyone still active in this group?

James Y.

Hey folks, I’m new to the group. The am a singer songwriter from Macon , GA. I just bought a EF250TK Takamine and it is freaking awesome. Not only does this this sound phenomenal it is gorgeous. I have a Facebook Page where I post my original music as of yesterday. Currently there are three songs up if you want

to hear what kinda stuff that I write. Check it out Olin James on Facebook. The fella who is looking for songs, I have bunches.

Moon Dog

Hey guys, what kind of music are you doing these days? I am looking for some new material for my show. Looking for the real crowd pleasers.



James Y.

I have several. What rype

 of songs are you looking for?


Hello everyone.  New member here

Ryan W.

This is the happening place! lol

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