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Use this group to describe your experience with various string manufactures and Takamine guitar model.


I have a P3NC and have consistently used D'Addario's EJ10s to restring this guitar.  A friend of mine gave me a set of Martin Lifespan strings to try (11 gauge) and I really fell in  love with the sound of these strings.  Recently, D'Addario released their XT series of acoustic guitar strings.  I just completed restringing my P3NC with their XT 80/20 bronze 11/52 strings.  I was pleasantly surprised with the sound projection and clarity of tone from this set of strings.  These are coated strings, however, the coating is a nano coating, thinner than the coating of the EXP strings.  I think D'Addario has hit a sweet spot with these strings.  I will review latter to let you know about the life span of these strings.  I can say, that they are very stable when it comes to staying in tune.