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Takamine is one of the world’s most respected acoustic and acoustic-electric guitar brands, and we offer a huge variety of guitar models to meet the needs and tastes of all levels of players and the styles of music they create. ​Way back in 2012, Takamine's USA distributor ESP Guitars joined the growing list of ​the music industry's ​leading guitar, equipment, and accessories manufacturers who have added a “BUY NOW” button to select items on their online product pages. If you’ve looked for a specific Takamine online or your local music store and haven’t found the model you want, we are providing a “BUY NOW” button on many of the product detail pages here at esptakamine.com. This will allow you to purchase instruments or cases that will be shipped to you from Takamine. Please note that this is a feature of our web site that’s only available to USA-based customers, and when making a purchase, you will be directed to the online shopping area of ShopESP and ESP Guitars, our distributor in the USA.

Get Your Guitar from an Authorized Takamine Dealer

Your first choice should always be to check with one of our authorized Takamine dealers. There are many online dealers, plus locations across the USA where you can go into a store, pick up one of our guitars, and truly get a feel if it’s the right instrument for you. Many Takamine dealers also offer extra reasons to buy from them, such as financing plans and special deals. You can find your local Takamine dealer using our Dealer Locator.

30 Day Return Policy

Instruments purchased via the esptakamine.com web site via ShopESP have a 30-day return policy should you not like the instrument for any reason.

Free Shipping

Standard shipping for products purchased on the esptakamine.com web site via ShopESP is free to the 48 contiguous states. Try it now!