In honor of Takamine’s 60th Anniversary, we are proud to introduce LTD2022.

In the early days of Takamine’s history, there was a model that adapted a classical body to an x-braced concert steel string with a cutaway. This model featured beautiful Hawaiian koa on its back and sides, and was an instant favorite among early Takamine players.

LTD2022 takes this early Takamine guitar as a starting point, featuring a stunning figured spruce top and gorgeous figured koa on its back and sides. For its electronics, we return to our early roots with the new CTF-2N preamplifier which revives the warm, dynamic sound of our early FET preamp model, affectionately known as the “Brownie”. The CTF-2N has that legendary sound, while adding the modern functions of a chromatic tuner and a versatile notch filter.

With Takamine’s 60th anniversary in 2022, the LTD2022 marks the occasion with a diamond-shaped inlay on the 12th fret—a loving touch that displays Takamine’s legendary artistic craftsmanship. The guitar is also adorned with vibrant abalone purfling and matching rosette. The position markers also feature a colorful abalone circle-within-a circle motif..

Takamine produces all of our LTD models in limited quantities with unique features that will never be produced again. The LTD2022 is certain to be a treasured instrument for guitar players and instrument collectors alike. We hope you enjoy the celebration of 60 years of guitar artistry!

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