It began 4.6 billion years ago. A protostar flared into existence. Gravity coalesced gases and dust into planets, which began their everlasting orbital dance in a common plane around a strengthening Sun. And eventually, the most simple forms of life took hold on a rather small rocky orb that ended up positioned in the perfect place.

The Takamine Limited Edition LTD2024 is a guitar that honors the solar system, humanity’s home in the galaxy. Like all LTD models of the previous years, the LTD2024 is painstakingly handcrafted in extremely limited quantities, making it a rare and valuable instrument for players and collectors alike.

You’ll first note its outstanding finish in Penumbra Blue, a faded finish named as such to harken the image of shadows cast by celestial bodies. This fade finish is matched on the guitar’s headstock. The intricate inlays on its African ebony fingerboard represent all eight planets, with the Sun located at the 12th fret position. Other aesthetic details on the LTD2024 Solar System include elegant abalone purfling around the guitar’s body and in its circular rosette, and black chrome hardware on its tuners.

But the Takamine LTD2024 is more than just a beautiful and rare instrument. Its internal bracing uses wood that is hand-voiced by Takamine’s master craftsman Tohru Hirokawa, and then shaved thin, reducing its mass to offer the most resonant interaction with its solid Sitka spruce top. Its back is handsome solid Indian rosewood. Its neck is stunning African mahogany. Its NEX cutaway shape is a longstanding favorite among Takamine players, providing the power of a dreadnought with balanced tone that perfectly complements the vocal range. When it’s time to amplify the LTD2024, the results are stellar, thanks to Takamine's renowned Palathetic pickup system and the retro-inspired CTF-2N FET preamp.

Every detail of this guitar, from the newly-designed carbon saddle that adds both tone and beauty advantages, to the bridge pins with black marble-textured inlays, was carefully considered by Takamine’s experienced design team, right down to the color of the logo that matches the lighter hue of the faded finish.

The Takamine LTD2024 is the ultimate acoustic-electric guitar for players looking for an extraordinarily unique instrument, for collectors who will appreciate its valuable rarity, and for anyone else who finds beauty in this small part of the universe we call home.

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