Edward Sparks

Mine is a Sante Fe model but it was part of a spike line.  A spike line, I found out from the Tak rep after the purchase, is a very limited and purposeful run.  When sales are in a slump, as they must have been in 2000, companies do a "spike" run.  They issue a set of models, in this case about five, with special appointments and features and then they advertise the heck out of it as a limited run. Once they "spike" interest in the market and are all gone, they discontinue the line and revert interest back to the existing line, hence there was a Sante Fe line they went back to.  Certainly was interesting information!  Mine is a hybrid classical in that it has a tapered thinner neck with string spacing closer to a steel string, it joins at the 14th fret and has a radiused fingerboard. All features making it an easier transition from steel string, which is exactly what I needed on stage for a few songs.  Although all the tracking was finished for my last CD by the time I got the guitar, a picture of it made it in the booklet.  Although I have played many Taks and my band mate has a lawsuit Martin Tak, this classical is the only on I own.

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Regan D.

What a beauty!!