Broken Headstock Takamine EG416-S-VS

Broken Headstock Takamine EG416-S-VS

Came across a Project Guitar for $30 which is a Takamine EG416-S-VS with a TP-4T Preamp
Needed the headstock glued + headstock veneer & new nut + Takamine Logo & setup & new strings...

Gary S.

Been working at getting this EG415-S-VS back up & playing which I have now

Fantastic guitar
Need another Gold Takamine Logo & ordered four & am looking at a GC-S Guitar Case to put it in so in won't get broken again during transport

Gary S.

Need to get that orange color right were I sanded through the clear coat on the rear

The repair is solid & is holding up to .012"-.056" light gauge strings but have it tuned down a 1/2 step

Need to go to Home Depot & fine that orange mahogany color or stain

Needs to be filled at the crack again with thin #10 CA Glue & sanded back

Nut came from Graph-Tech Tusq & fit perfectly with just a small amount of material taken from the bottom & glued in with one tint drop of Titebond Original

Headstock veneer came from Stwart McDonald & cut it out with a coping saw very slowly & carefully about 1mm oversized