I am hoping to at least find a picture of a 1978 Takamine, acoustic, 12-string guitar. I have searched through the galleries and no luck. Just a few similar ones. I know it must be a special edition of some kind just due to it's workmanship and cosmetics. The face is solid wood, not laminated. The neck is mohagany and has a stress bar, adjustable from either end. The tuning pegs are gold and the head has the name Takamine inlaid in abalone. The neck has full fret inlaid mother-of-pearl with an abalone triangle set in. The only thing I remember is the date from inside on the lable, 1978, the year I graduated from high school.

This guitar was stolen from me and I would dearly like to find another. Not only was it beautiful to look at but I have never heard such tremendous sound. It just sang to me.

If anyone knows of such a guitar please leave a message here or send to my email.

Sue Busk

Ahsan M.

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stephen s.

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RockMa M.

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