A Voyage to Nelliyampathy: An Unsullied Heaven



The bounty of nature with backwaters, beaches, wildlife reserves, and hill stations is a blessing to God's Own Country Kerala. Nelliyampathy is a breathtaking hill station. This scenic hill station is positioned at an elevation of  467 to 1,572 meters above the sea line. Nelliyampathy is indeed a delight for the trekkers. It attracts every traveler with its pristine environment. Nelliyampathy is located at a distance of 65 kilometers from Palakkad. You will be accompanied by the pretty nature with tall trees all along your journey. High altitude roads with fascinating hairpin bend and lined with flourishing tea estates is a visual feast for everyone. 


Nelliyampathy with its picturesque landscapes, huge honeycombs, small mountain streams, melodious chirps of insects and birds, long trees with empty roads become a paradise for the bikers and a lesser-known and inevitable hill station in Kerala honeymoon packages. There are a lot of sightseeing points in and near Nelliyampathy that adds more charm to the destination. Karappara Dam site, Pothundy Dam and reservoir, Victoria Church Hills, Seetharkundu viewpoint, Kesavanpara viewpoint, and  Manpara viewpoint are few of the tourist attractions of Nelliyampathy. If you are a nature lover you should visit the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. Dropping a visit to the Nemmara village will enable you to feel the pure village life. Palghat Gap, Palagapandi estate, and the ancient Nelliyampathy caves are the places to visit around Nelliyampathy hill station. 


For the trekking enthusiasts, there are a lot of spots over there such as Parambikulam at 20 kilometers, hilltop at 6 kilometers, and Karassuri near Anamada at 13 kilometers. Trekking to Kesavan Para in Nelliyampathy is really thrilling and enjoyable as the travelers need to travel amidst the thick dense forest and once reaching the atop the view from the top of Kesavan Para is just stunning. You can also visit Poabs estate. It is a private property with the most sparkling coffee and tea plantations. Users are allowed inside this private estate. You can stroll through the beautiful plantations that will take you to the Seetharkundu viewpoint. It is just 8 kilometers away from Nelliyampathy. There are some myths related to Seetharkundu. It is believed that during the exile Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman with Goddess Sita was rested here. The enchanting small Seetharkundu waterfall starting from Nelliyampathy is another attraction here where the Goddess Sita is said to have been bathed. With cardamon, pepper, and various plants, the Poabs estate is truly worth visiting. 


Pothundy Dam and reservoir are clearly visible from the hilltop and the view is just staggering. Being sited in the backdrop of Nelliyampathy hills, Pothundi Dam is a scenic and pristine location. Pothundi Dam is around 20 kilometers away from the hill station and is a must-visit place. Nemmara is a village in Nelliyampathy which is famous for 'Nemmara Vela' a festival which is held during the month of April. You can also roam around this village to experience pure rural life. 


Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 104km from Nelliyampathy. With prior permission from the forest department, you can go for a wildlife safari and trekking in the forest reserve. Palghat Gap is a splendid gap that splits Palakkad from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. Explore this geographical gap in the Western Ghats from Nelliyampathy hill station. 


How to reach 


By Road - Nelliyampathy is 65 kilometers away from Palakkad, 76 km from Thrissur, and 75 km from Pollachi in Tamilnadu. 


By Train - Nearest railway station is Olavakkode in Palakkad Junction and the distance from Railway Station to Nelliyampathy is 77 kilometers. 


By Air - Nearest airports from Nelliyampathy is the Cochin International Airport and the distance from the airport to Nelliyampathy is 120 kilometers, and the Coimbatore International Airport at a distance of 123 kilometers. 


There are many sightseeing spots in Nelliyampathy to explore. Plan your next trip to Kerala and choose Kerala Tour Packages with Seasonz India Holidays to explore the enjoyable and rejuvenating destination in Kerala.