Ethnic fashion and lifestyle for Kids Girls


Ethnic wear for kids is becoming more popular amongst parents looking for a way to connect their kids with their traditional roots.

In this age of rampant consumerism & globalization, indigenuity & a real-life, grounded touch has been conspicuously absent from our daily lives.

Every culture has certain unique characteristics, a touch that is restricted to just the expert craftsmen that are privy to its peculiarities & art.

In order to bring up your kids as balanced, well-rounded, thoughtful & grounded individuals, it’s important to introduce them to their own cultural roots.

As parents, you can attempt this cultural orientation through arts, music, cultural festivals & through ethnic wear for girls & boys.

There is a huge market for ethnic dress for girls & boys, comprising nearly every style & fashion appropriate for little kids.

You can choose from traditional ethnic wear for girls & boys, to fusion styles that combine both Indian & Western wear to make up a brand new combination style!

Ethnic dress for girls & boys make for great comfort wear, as well as easily double up as party wear outfits for formal occasions, functions or family gatherings.

They are also good for wearing around the house if the mood strikes you, & to proudly sport around on school ethnic days.

Finding ethnic dresses for girls is also a breeze compared to other outfit styles, as the markets are practically flowing with ethnic wear options for little girls.

With all the available options, parents have an easy time finding the perfect ethnic wear outfit for their baby girls. However, some parents might also find it difficult to zero down on the perfect ethnic wear for girls outfits, owing to all the immense variety of outfits available.

If you find yourself being overwhelmed by all the choices paraded in front of you, then we are here to help you!

In this article, we tell you some of the most popular ethnic wear for girls styles that you can safely buy to make your baby girl look stylish & fashionable at any event or party!

Read on to know more.




  1. Salwar Suit Sets

Salwar Suits are the classiest, most easily available ethnic dress for girls style available in the markets. Salwar suits look good on your baby girl at any & every occasion, be it a casual get together, or a more formal function or party. A pair of stylish, gorgeous salwar suits is also great for marriage parties, engagement celebrations & festive occasions.

They are also good for ethnic day celebrations in your family or in your baby girl’s school, & for hosting an ethnic themed birthday or anniversary party for your little girl & her friends.

There are multiple varieties of this traditional ethnic dress for girls; you can choose any ones based on your personal style, brand, material, fabric & fashion & the occasion.

While choosing the perfect Salwar suit pair or pairs for your baby girl, take care of the fabric, the comfort factor, stretchability & breathability of the material.

Go for soft, breathable material that isn’t harsh on your baby girl’s delicate skin & doesn’t cause any rashes or allergies.

Our pick is this stylish, designer Rang Salwar Suit set from online branded marketplace for kids clothing & accessories Les Petits. Check it out here & dress your baby girl in it to make her look absolutely beautiful & gorgeous at any event!



  1. Lehenga Cholis

Talk about festive, elegant & dressy all at once, & Lehenga Cholis take the top spot in the list of the ethnic wear that fulfills all these qualities. A well-designed Lehenga Choli set has the potential to dazzle a roomful of audience into honest admiration of its sheer brilliance & beauty. Lehenga Cholis are the perfect ethnic wear for girls to dress up your little girls in for a wedding, engagement party or a more formal, family festive gathering!

While choosing Lehenga Cholis, the same rules apply as for Salwar Suits; go for comfortable, soft & breathable fabrics that allow your little girl enough room for movement during long sittings in the same outfit!

Go for premium, designer pieces from established ethnic dress for girls labels. Check out this mesmerizing Rang Lehenga Choli set for little girls from Les Petits.



  1. Kurtas with Long Skirts


If you want to style a traditional salwar suit differently, you can try dressing up your baby girl in a stylish kurta with long skirts at the bottom.

This combination will not only look gorgeous on your little girl, but also give her a lot of legroom for movement & activities at the event.

This is also the perfect ethnic wear for girls outfit during summer events like a July wedding, anniversary or engagement party.

Choose the most splendid, gorgeous kurtas & equally mesmerizing long skirts to put in as much glam as you want in the look!

This combination can also work for non-formal events like family gatherings & an ethnic day at the school.

Whatever the occasion, a pair of stylish kurtas with premium, designer long skirts can make your baby girl steal the show wherever she goes!

Check out these designer Long Skirts from Rang here.



  1. Kurtas with Jeans

 Another stylish, cool way to put a western twist to an ethnic wear for girls outfit, is to style a casual, designer Kurta with a pair of fashionable, trendy Jeans.

This way, the outfit is now fit to wear at casual settings, & with some accessorization, works best for more formal occasions as well.

This outfit styling is the best way to make your little girl acquainted with her cultural roots, as well as make her look a bit more cool & trendy!

This combination works best for an afternoon outfit, a lazy day casual outfit, or for an informal get together.

Check out some stylish, trendy & designer Kurtas for girls here, & have a look at some stylish jeans pieces for little girls here.


  1. Designer shirts with long skirts

 If you want to put a little western twist to your baby girl’s ethnic wear outfit, you can try dressing her up in premium, designer shirts & pair it up with traditional, long skirts. The combination looks great for festive occasions, as well as is perfect for more casual family & friend gatherings too.

Make sure you choose a designer, premium looking shirt that fits well as a festive party wear outfit for girls too. Try going for plain, minimalistic shirts that don’t overpower the show of the designer, gorgeous skirt, & brings out the true aesthetic of the look!

Have a look at a collection of designer shirts for little girls here, & take a look at a designer skirt for baby girls here.