Baby Clothes For Special Occasions: Useful Tips For Parents


Special occasions demand special joy, preparations & of course, special clothing. One can’t expect to show up to a festive celebration wearing regular, everyday clothing. Every festive celebration deserves certain special pairs of festive, party wear clothing. For parents, festive celebrations can be an especially stressful time as they have to perform the gruelling tasks of choosing the perfect festive outfit for their kids. Most festive celebrations, like Diwali parties, Holi festivities, need your kids to dress up in Ethnic wear for baby boys & girls to keep the festive vibe of the event intact. However, for other celebrations like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. there are no requisites as to how you need to dress your kids. You can choose to dress them in ethnic wear, or other parties wear outfits, as & how you like! You can choose ethnic wear for baby boys & girls, a designer dress, jumpsuits, playsuits, shirts & trousers, Coats & Jackets & so much more, as & how you want.

Below, we list a couple of amazing & good-looking outfits that are always the best choices for special occasions, for both little girls & boys.

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  1. Designer shirts & trousers for little boys

Premium, designer shirts for baby boys paired up with stylish, chic trousers are an all-time classic for little kids at parties. You can choose luxury shirts from top rung labels for kidswear such as Versace, Mayoral, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Rossa, Kenzo etc. from designer online marketplace LesPetits.

Designer shirts of all shapes & sizes, prints, styles & patterns, are always a great way for kids to dress up for parties & to look their best at any festive occasion.

They instantly make your kids look elegant, classy, chic & stylish, and when paired up with premium & luxurious trousers, make your little boy look like a perfect tiny gentleman at the party.

There are a million ways you can style a dress shirt over a pair of stylish trousers, & while dressing your kid up for parties, you can always take inspiration from celebrity kids & fashion blogs.

Below, check out a few options for designer dress shirts for little boys from LesPetits.


Fendi Blue Full Sleeve Shirt With Logo Stripe

Versace Multi Colour Baroque Print Shirt

Mayoral White Basic Shirt With Bowtie

Fendi Mustard Coloured trousers

Mayoral Blue Jacquard Trousers

Paul Smith Junior Blue Formal trousers



  1. Dress shirt with coats & trousers

A nice, elegant pair of coat & Jackets make any dress shirt look even more elegant, chic & stylish! The same goes for Jackets, as they can elevate the whole look & put a nice, classy twist to it!

A nice coat or jacket goes a long way in ensuring the comfort of your baby boy, as in cold weather, they will help keep him warm whilst also making him look stylish & premium.

In warmer weather, you can still dress up your baby boy in a coat or jacket to make him look good, but can easily take it off once the heat gets too much to bear.

Thus, you can easily make sure that your baby is not very uncomfortable in a coat or Jacket, & is dressed appropriately for the weather, as well as looks fantastic.


Below, check out some amazing & stylish coats & Jackets we have handpicked for helping your kids look their best.


Paul Smith Junior Blue Formal Blazer

Versace Yellow Blazer with Flower Print


Mayoral Navy Full Sleeve Blazer




  1. Traditional suit sets for baby girls

Ethnic wear is often at the top of baby designer wear options, & for good reasons. They are comfortable, good-looking, stylish & able to catch the eye of anyone looking.

Ethnic wear for baby boys & baby girls are both highly demanded kids designer wear for special occasions, & are most sought after outfits for parents wanting to make their little ones look different from the other kids their age.

For baby girls, this can be accomplished by buying traditional suit sets that make them look lovely & amazing according to the occasion.

While choosing traditional suit sets for your baby girl, keep in mind the comfort, style, and the fabric material into consideration.

Go for soft, plush feeling fabrics as they help keep your baby girl comfortable & don’t cause her any rashes or skin infections.

This is especially important if the event you’re going to is a long one, & requires your baby girl to be in her outfit for a considerable amount of time.

Choosing your baby girl’s suit sets from an established, trusted & reliable kidswear brand like Rang quickly eliminates all these hazardous possibilities.

Below, we have got a few choice Rang traditional suit sets for your baby girl that are perfect to be worn at special occasions & events.



Rose Gold Peacock Kurta With Pleated Palazzo

Rang Yellow Floral Front Open Set

Rang Peach Asymmetric Kurta Style

Rang Gold Sharara Set




  1. Kurtas & Pyjamas

Just as traditional suit sets are the first choice of outfit for baby girls, a stylish, chic set of Kurta & Pyjama are the best baby boy ethnic wear choice.

Stylish Kurtas & Pyjamas not only look great on your baby boy but also help him be utterly comfortable for whatever duration of time he is required to wear it.

A gorgeous & stylish pair of Kurtas & Pyjamas let your little baby boy look like the gentleman he is, & help you make him put his best foot forward with his outfit.

Choose Kurtas & Pyjamas which are made of soft, comfortable & stretchable fabric that lets your baby boy be comfortable in them, especially if he is required to wear those for a long time.

You can let your imagination run wild, & choose colours, styles & patterns that make your little one look different from the other boys his age.

Below, check out some stylish, traditional Kurta & Pyjama pieces from Rang for your baby boy.



Blue Kurta And Churidar With Broaches On Waist Coat



Peach Kurta And Churidar With Embroided Umbrella Waist Coat Set



Pink Kurta Set With Green Embroided Ice Cream Waist Coat Set



Maroon Owl Waistcoat

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