Top Supplier of Stability Chamber in India-Kesar Control Systems


Kesar Control Systems is the prominent Manufacturer and Service Provider for Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Equipments. 

From the year 2007, we are engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and scientific equipment. Our entire products are globally acclaimed for their excellent features such as durability, unique design, and smooth operation. 

A well-laid infrastructural set up with the latest technological advancement has enabled us to meet the voluminous demand of customers across the globe. 

We have a team of skilled professionals with ample industrial experience who carry out the whole manufacturing process. Accentuating on quality and streamlining of the manufacturing process, we stay ahead of our competitors by providing our clients with one-stop solutions for their requirements. 

Getting a very accurate approach towards developing scientific tools for the Pharmaceutical industry and developing equipment like Stability Chamber and BOD incubatorKesar Control Systems has been manufacturing revolutionary pharmaceutical technology.

Stability Chamber, widely used by pharmaceutical companies, is highly in demand after the onset of the current Pandemic. Medicines, drugs, and especially vaccines need to be stored in monitored conditions. This includes monitoring of the temperature, light exposure, and moisture, amongst other conditions. 

Our motto is to manufacture products by adopting advanced techniques for enhancing the quality and constantly updating ourselves from better to best. We manufacture all our equipment as per GMP / ICH guidelines and also confirm MCA & US FDA requirements.

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