Kesar Control Systems -Manufacturer of BOD Incubator

Kesar Control Systems is the prominent Manufacturer and Service Provider for Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Equipment’s. We manufactures stability chamber , walk in stability chamberphotostability chambercold chamber and Incubator like BOD Incubator.

We envision being one of the most efficient manufacturers of Temperature and Humidity base equipment by adopting advanced techniques for enhancing quality and constantly updating our better to best.

Getting a very accurate approach towards developing scientific tools for the Pharmaceutical industry and developing equipment like Stability Chamber and BOD incubatorKesar Control Systems has been manufacturing revolutionary pharmaceutical technology.

Equipped with rich industry experience and domain expertise, Kesar Control Systems is a trusted name when it comes to BOD incubator and Laboratory Incubator manufacturing. 

In hospitals, research labs and pharmaceutical research labs, Incubators are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. Uses of BOD incubator extend to microorganisms cultivation for biological studies, refrigerated storage for botany, sewage and water pollution.

We manufacture all our equipment as per GMP / ICH guidelines and also confirm MCA & US FDA requirements.

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