• stephen s.

    Health benefits of Playing Guitar

    The Guitar is a wonderful musical instrument. Lots of people are famous after playing this instrument. In this world, no one hates the musical sounds. We are hearing different types of sounds from the different objects and...Read more
  • stephen s.

    How to learn Guitars

    I want to learn many things about the Guitars. Shall i know how to learn the Guitar in my daily life....Read more
  • Joel R.

    Repair Work

    I have a Takamine EG523SC 12, it needs a neck reset.  Does anyone know where I could get this repair and setup done.  Thank you for your help.  Joel...Read more
  • Susan B.

    Looking for a Special Guitar

    I am hoping to at least find a picture of a 1978 Takamine, acoustic, 12-string guitar. I have searched through the galleries and no luck. Just a few similar ones. I know it must be a special edition of some kind just due to...Read more