Takamine Strap

Black Suede

Takamine Strap
(U.S. Only)

An amazing-looking strap in extra-wide 2-3/4” black leather, with premium soft, flexible suede that’s highlighted by an embroidered grassflower design and a bold embroidered Takamine logo. Adjustable from 39" - 55”.

Regan D.

Hey Guys. The price of this strap is $89.99 U.S. Dollars + shipping charges to U.S. only.

William  W.

How do you buy anything from this site please ?

Ian Gomes

May I know the price, availability and cost to ship one to me to PERTH, Australia thank you...

joseph a.

can you send that to me for free on my birthday


Trond Roger L.

I wan`t to buy this strap.  How to order?

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