EF340S TT Demo by Corey Witt

Clinician Corey Witt tunes the Takamine EF340S TT to DADGAD and shows off its beautiful tone in this demo video. You also learn a little bit about Takamine's "Thermal Top" technology, in which the solid spruce top of the guitar is baked in an oxygen-free environment, thereby giving you the sound and vibe of a vintage instrument, even when it's fresh out of the box. This dreadnought guitar, with solid mahogany back and sides, is also the most affordable of the Takamine TT Series, which is designed for discerning professional players.

Have you tried the TT Series? Have questions about what makes them so cool? Use the comments section below and let us know.

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Dennis P.

I read a review that said "the distributer said this does NOT have solid sides" (laminate) and I kinda agree because of the price and he also said it has a rosewood fingerboard instead of ebony!  What is the real truth about this one and the EF360 model?? please get back to me ASAP 'cuz i will be buying something VERY soon!

Thanks, Den Pearson - [email protected]

Tom W.

Hi Den, They both actually DO have solid back and sides and ebony boards. Thanks for noting the exceptional value. We agree!

Dennis P.

Thanks for clearing this up! One more question on the EF75M TT model: does this use a battery for the pre-amp line drive and if so, where is it located? I assume I will have to use my amp for vol, treble, base etc control?!

thanks again, Den Pearson

Tom W.

Hi Dennis, It uses a 9v battery, which is mounted to the heel block.

denis p.

 Wowww! Very nice sound especially  unplugged! I'm still torn between the EF360S TT and the EF340S TT(this one here)! I know that the 360 is rosewood back and side, but i wondre if it sounds better than the 340????? Help me someone!!!lol!