EF7M-LS Demo by Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor is best known as one of the musical accompanyists on Drew Carey's long-running improv comedy show Whose LIne Is It Anyway?, and she's a terrific player who brings out the most of her Takamine guitars. In this video, Linda shows off a new limited-edition Takamine, the EF7M-LS. "LS" stands for Lutz Spruce, a hybrid spuce from the Northwest that offers some of the best qualities of legendary Adirondack spruce, while being a bit more dynamically forgiving. The EF7M-LS also features solid Indian rosewood back and sides, and is about as great of an acoustic guitar as you can imagine.

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This is the only video on the EF7M-LS, can't seem to find any other video on Youtube.

Michael Dunn

Love Love Love it.