The EF360SC TT is a welcome addition to Takamine's acclaimed Thermal Top series, giving the musician the desired sound of a played-in vintage instrument in a new guitar with modern amenities, such as a slender neck, and exceptional CT4B II electronics to complement its solid thermal spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides. Guitarist Linda Taylor, a respected player known from her time as a musical accompanist on Drew Carey's long-running improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, gives you her first impressions of the EF360SC TT. This guitar is also available in a 12-string version with the EF400SC TT.

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  • CaptHowdy

    She was also in The Office. Lol

  • RockMa M.

    Love it! we've just shared it on Facebook and it's already available at in Morocco!

  • The Fatguy

    Wow. Much deeper than even a legitimately aged 360. Love that it has the CT4BII rather than the cooltube. 

    • The Fatguy

      The easiest answer is that I think it sounds better.   Its cool that the CTP allows an additional pickup.  Its cool that it adds a tiny tube. Its cool that they made the CTP3 more efficient over the battery eating CTP1/CTP2.  I have been told the electronics were the same between the two and I was told they were different.  I will go with my ears and say I like the more natural sound out of the CT4BII.  If you have to have an additional pickup, sound hole or transducer, go with the CT4-DX.  People say the CTP warms up the sound of the piezo quack. Well, its a Takamine, not a duck.  For quacks and other unnatural noises you look at other brands.  

    • Gerry N.

      I saw your comment about the EF360SC TT. Why do you prefer the CT4BII over the cool tube preamp? Just wondering.