EF360SC TT Demo by Linda Taylor

The EF360SC TT is part of Takamine's acclaimed Thermal Top series, giving the musician the desired sound of a played-in vintage instrument in a new guitar with modern amenities, such as a slender neck, and exceptional CT4B II electronics to complement its solid thermal spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides. Guitarist Linda Taylor, a respected player known from her time as a musical accompanist on Drew Carey's long-running improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, gives you her first impressions of the EF360SC TT. This guitar is also available in a 12-string version with the EF400SC TT.

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John  D.

Re: CoolTube, you can just turn it down to 0 if you want a solid state sound. I play a cover show, and I use the CTP3 to try to match to the guitar tones of the original song. Example, I turn the tube effect to full bright for the intro to“Free Fallin” , and it sounds a little jangly like Pettys 12 string. Turn it warm for “From the Beginning” by ELP, etc. 


She was also in The Office. Lol

RockMa M.

Love it! we've just shared it on Facebook and it's already available at www.rock.ma in Morocco!

The Fatguy

Wow. Much deeper than even a legitimately aged 360. Love that it has the CT4BII rather than the cooltube. 

Gerry N.

I saw your comment about the EF360SC TT. Why do you prefer the CT4BII over the cool tube preamp? Just wondering. 

The Fatguy

The easiest answer is that I think it sounds better.   Its cool that the CTP allows an additional pickup.  Its cool that it adds a tiny tube. Its cool that they made the CTP3 more efficient over the battery eating CTP1/CTP2.  I have been told the electronics were the same between the two and I was told they were different.  I will go with my ears and say I like the more natural sound out of the CT4BII.  If you have to have an additional pickup, sound hole or transducer, go with the CT4-DX.  People say the CTP warms up the sound of the piezo quack. Well, its a Takamine, not a duck.  For quacks and other unnatural noises you look at other brands.