Pro Series P6JC Demo by Jake Allen

Singer-songwriter and acclaimed guitarist Jake Allen walks you through the features of the Takamine P6JC, a jumbo cutaway in Brown Sunburst Gloss finish that's part of our famous Japan-built Pro Series. This outstanding guitar offers a resonant solid spruce top with scalloped "X" top bracing for maximum volume, and a solid flame maple back and flame maple sides. It features Takamine's proprietary CTP-3 Cool Tube™ preamp system paired with the unique Palathetic™ under-saddle pickup for peerless amplified response. Also available in a 12-string version with the P6JC-12

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John  D.

@Tom W.

Hey Tom, sorry about my post referencing the looks of this guitar... I am sure it sounds great! (thank you for your kind response to my vitriolic post...).

Background: I have been working in China since 2009, and February 1st of this year was to be my last day before retiring and returning to the States. . Unfortunately, due to the virus, the entire country was shut down on this day, and I can't return home until a vaccine is ready.... 18 months? So, I am occasionally cranky, and this particular night, I was fueled by the locally distilled Bai Jiu, a clear sorghum based spirit which is 120 proof!

I first played a Tak in SF, in 1996, and was stunned by it. In the process of raising two daughters, I never bought one of my own until 2017, when I bought a CP4-DC-OV.  BUT, upon returning home, (whenever that may be), I will certainly but another. Either a CRN-TS1, a Glenn Frey or a P5JDC.


Best Regards,

John Diggs

Chengdu, Sichuan, China


P.S. Thanks for your earlier reply about the cedar top vs. spruce... it was very informative, and haven't completely ruled out the P3D, until I have played it. 

John  D.

So, you take beautiful spruce and flame maple, and you paint it UGLY black? no comprendo.... it doesn’t matter how good this guitar sounds, I could never buy something this ugly and unnatural. What is wrong with the look of spruce and maple? I have a CP4 DC-OV, and wane a jumbo, but cannot buy this because it is butt ugly... what is wrong with the look of wood? 

Tom W.

This is a brown sunburst (like a tobacco burst) you CAN see the grain! It's not black. We also make a P7JC, P5JC and a P1JC in the pro series, which are natural finish, as well as a GJ72CE NAT in the G series line.