Breaking Benjamin: "Dear Agony"

Breaking Benjamin, the multi-platinum rock band out of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, knocks it out of the park on "Dear Agony", a lovely ballad off Aurora, their new collection of reimagined acoustic versions of some of their best previously released songs. This one features a great vocal duet between Ben Burnley and Lacey Sturm, as well as a great Takamine duet between Keith Wallen playing a P6JC BSB and Jasen Rauch on his P7DC. Handmade in Japan, the Takamine P6JC features a solid spruce top and solid flame maple back, and is stage-ready with Takamine's CTP-3 CoolTube™ electronics. The P7DC, one of Takamine's highest-end, finely-crafted guitar models, also offers CTP-3 electronics on this guitar that features a solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides. Keep up with Breaking Benjamin via their web site.

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Charles D.

Fantastic performance! Ben and Lacey's duet is just as flawless and bright as Keith and Jasen's with the Takamines cutting through the mix in warmest way.